pHGcMaF for inflammation, infections, viral and immune diseases. Science

Remove damaging acidity with the highest pHGcMaF product on the market,13pH.

Remove damaging acidity with the highest pHGcMaF product on the market,13pH.

Remove damaging acidity with the highest pHGcMaF product on the market,13pH.

pHGcMaF Molecule And Treated Diseases Causes Of All Diseases Even If Different Same Names Different Causes Of The Same Medicine Different Name Verse Even The Sebaceous Body Has Acidic Highness. ?

pHGcMaF Molecule And Cancer Founded in 1970, Japan's capital city, Tokyo. In his book Keiichi Morishita Overcoming Cancer, he notes the effect of acid-alkali balance on cancer formation: "If there is a sharp increase in the acidic conditions, the excess acidic substances will inevitably be left in some parts of the body to preserve the blood alkaline conditions."

If this tendency continues, acidity will increase in some parts of the body and some cells will die. However, some cells are able to adapt themselves to this acidic environment. In other words, while normal cells die in an acidic environment, some cells transform themselves to become adaptive and survive as "abnormal cells". These abnormal cells are called "malignant cells". These malignant cells are not compatible with brain functions or the memory codes of our DNA. For this reason, malignant cells develop indefinitely and irregularly. This process is called "cancer."

The brain isolates the cancerous region from the body, from the blood circulation system. In this case the water and oxygen (O2) requirement of the zone is not met. In fact, the purpose here is to distribute already scarce water resources to organs that are vital importance. However, how the cells that are pulled out of the body will respond to it is very unimportant. Because of the lack of water in the living body, the emerging water is considered to be a temporary period.

In order to prevent the formation of cancer and abnormal cells, the pH balance of the body should be protected first. It is also very important that the immune system is strong as well. Alkali water contains some of the mineral needs of the body with its alkaline mineral content. Thanks to its low ORP value, it contains antioxidant, rich oxygen (O2) and eliminates unwanted harmful microorganisms in the body and strengthens the immune system thanks to its healing power.


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